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- Elaine

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The grooming process should be an enjoyable, stress-relieving process for your pet. Routine grooming is an ideal time to examine your pet's nails, eyes, ears, teeth and to look and feel around for any lumps or possible skin irritations. This is also an opportune time to check for and remove fleas or ticks.

Regular grooming may reduce skin allergies in your pet because dead hair is removed, leaving healthy hair behind. Air can circulate better through a healthy coat and this will help reduce odor and keep your pet cooler and cleaner. Your pet's ears need to be cleaned regularly to remove bacteria and yeast. Trimming and plucking of ear hair is also important. If you're allergic to your pet, grooming may reduce your allergy symptoms. The dander, which is what you're allergic to, can be removed.

Ideally, we recommend that your pet becomes acquainted with grooming at a young age. Your puppy will be required to receive all necessary vaccinations in order to be protected at our facility. In the meantime, we will happily recommend and demonstrate techniques and proper product usage for you to practice at home until vaccinations are complete.
We currently have four groomers on staff. Their experience ranges from five to thirty years. Our skilled staff establishes bonds with their clients and are all able to alert the owner of any medical or skin conditions that need to be examined by their veterinarian.

Although we groom all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats, there is a wide range of pricing. The pricing is according to the pet's breed and size, as well as the type of haircut desired. Our starting rates for dogs is $47.00 and for cats is $67.00. The grooming process will include haircut, bath, nail clipping and filing, ear cleaning (and plucking of ear hair if needed), anal gland expression and a thorough check and removal of fleas and ticks.

Our talented staff looks forward to pampering your pet with our upscale products and procedures. Don't wait! Call today to schedule your pet's grooming appointment!