Erin, Knowing how much you adore each and every pet that comes to Ponga's makes the 45 min. drive worth it!! It's so nice to have peace of mind when I leave my cats with you. Thank you for being so awesome! Janice, You always do such a beautiful job on my babies. (most groomers have no idea how to groom Persian cats.) Thank you for doing such a great job on Blaize & Bella!


- Shan Sawaya

Suites   |   Dog Condos   |   Cat Condos

Planning a vacation? Let your pet stay with us!
Our staff is trained to work as a team to give your dogs and cats the royal treatment they deserve.

With your choice of a royal suite or condo, your pet's stay with us will be comfortable and fun. All lodgers will be guaranteed 5 outdoor walks daily. See our special pages, linked above, for more information on suites and condos.

Are you worried about your dog or cat's medication routine? No problem.
Special diet, allergies? No problem.
We will make special accommodations for pets who need special attention.

Still unsure of leaving your pet with us?
We offer full tours of our facility at ANY time so you can see the room your pet will sleep in and meet the staff that will care for your furry friend. Also, if you want to stay updated during your pet's stay, give us a call and we will provide detailed information on your pet's activities.

Our goal is to set ourselves apart from the other guys. We make sure that your pet is in a clean, safe environment that feels like a second home.
All dogs are guaranteed five walks a day. Cats are guaranteed to be played with and receive "TLC time" five times a day. Our staff checks litter for cleanliness and water for freshness throughout the day.

For your added peace of mind, Dr. Shannon Comeaux is available to assist us with any questions or concerns we may have while your baby is under our care.