Thank you Ponga's Pet Palace staff for all you do.


- Elaine

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  Dear Ponga,

From the first time I saw your pretty face, I knew that I had been blessed with the opportunity to be the mother of a truly unique dog.

You began sharing your love with the community when you were nearly one year old. We began our mission by volunteering at local public schools and the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter with the community informing children of proper pet care and the important of staying in school to pursue career interests.

Although, we paraded every year from 1993 through 2004, we proudly paraded through the Vieux Carre during Mardi Gras 1996, with you, Ponga, reigning as the Duchess of the Krewe of Barkus Parade.

Ponga, I truly enjoyed our visits to senior citizen homes and children's hospitals while we were members of the Visiting Pet Program from 1993-2002. Their motto is "Bringing Love and Leaving Smiles" and it certainly was a fitting motto. The love you brought, Ponga, was so genuine and the smiles you left on my face, as well as others, was authentic.

In August 1999, the fund-raiser held for LISA (League in Support of Animals) was greatly appreciated and your hard work commended. Additionally, the fund-raiser held for Visiting Pet Program in December 2000, was another success. Our annual fundraiser, Ponga's Pet Pawty began in December 2000 and along with the contributions from sponsors, we've been able to support your pet friends of the LA-SPCA.

The LA-SPCA so proudly represented and respected you for your commitment and dedication to their very special cause. Ponga, I'm so proud of your achievements; namely, 3rd Place Chairdog in LA-SPCA's Dog Day Afternoon in years 2001 and 2002. Congratulations on being 2nd Deputy Chairdog for 2003 and 1st Deputy Chairdog for 2004. I'm so amazingly proud of you for obtaining the position in 2005 of Honorable Chairdog. No other was as honorable as you. (Remember, this statement is certainly from a mother's perspective!!)

Ponga, you inspired me to build a site, not only in your name, but a facility you and other canines and felines could call their "home away from home." In your memory, Ponga's Pet Palace will always treat and respect all visitors with the utmost of care and love and attention that our furry friends so truly deserve. The love and compassion you instilled in me, Ponga, will always remain and shine in my servitude of Ponga's Pet Palace.

Even though I'm here without you, Ponga, I promise this to you, as my way of thanking you for so many years of love and service given to me as well as those who needed your graciousness in their lives.

Love Always,
Mama - Erin Tracy Onstad