Erin, Knowing how much you adore each and every pet that comes to Ponga's makes the 45 min. drive worth it!! It's so nice to have peace of mind when I leave my cats with you. Thank you for being so awesome! Janice, You always do such a beautiful job on my babies. (most groomers have no idea how to groom Persian cats.) Thank you for doing such a great job on Blaize & Bella!


- Shan Sawaya

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The Prince and Princess Suites are spacious 10' x 10' private rooms complete with a toddler bed with mattress and a wrought iron bed with a fluffy pillow. Disney movies or Pet Sitter DVDs are played on the television throughout your pet's stay. Feel free to bring any toys, bedding, food or treats to help your pet feel more comfortable with us.

The new Queen and King Suites are 12'x12' in size.