Erin, Knowing how much you adore each and every pet that comes to Ponga's makes the 45 min. drive worth it!! It's so nice to have peace of mind when I leave my cats with you. Thank you for being so awesome! Janice, You always do such a beautiful job on my babies. (most groomers have no idea how to groom Persian cats.) Thank you for doing such a great job on Blaize & Bella!


- Shan Sawaya

Before & Afters   |   Spa/Bath   |   Specialty

This luxury package for your pet includes a paw/nail treatment, facial shampoo with full body massage, condition, teeth brushing and lotion applied to paw pads.

First, the water is drawn for the Bubble Bath Paw Treatment. Your pet will soak his/her achy paws in a sudsy concoction of fresh vanilla and milk thistle to clean, soothe and revitalize paws.

Next, a fresh vanilla and blueberry facial is received. This gives the face area a clean and refreshing smell as well as an effective removal of tear stains.

Your pet then receives a bath and full body massage focusing on all the pressure points. There are three types of shampoos for you to choose from based on your preference of scent and your baby's skin condition. The lavender and oatmeal verbena is a calming aromatherapy to soothe dry and irritated skin. Vanilla and white tea provides a purifying clean and long lasting scent. Ginger root and pink grapefruit will revitalize brilliance in the coat and provide deep moisture. Our warm vanilla and while ginger revitalizing conditioner is the final part of the bathing process and is rich in vitamins A, B5 and E.

Your pet's teeth are brushed and Oral Care Gel and Spray are applied. We will access your pet's mouth, teeth and gums and advise you of any abnormalities to consult with your veterinarian about.

Finally, your pet's hair is blown dry and fluffed. Bows or ribbons to the ears and/or a bandanna around the neck are offered. Lastly, the paw pads are massaged and rubbed with a shea butter and marshmallow paw creme to soothe cracked or dry pads.

This package is 25% off on Tuesdays and 50% off when added to a grooming session!

Dogs under 25lbs: $50.00
25 - 50lbs: $60.00
50 - 75lbs: $70.00
Over 75lbs: $75.00