Erin, Knowing how much you adore each and every pet that comes to Ponga's makes the 45 min. drive worth it!! It's so nice to have peace of mind when I leave my cats with you. Thank you for being so awesome! Janice, You always do such a beautiful job on my babies. (most groomers have no idea how to groom Persian cats.) Thank you for doing such a great job on Blaize & Bella!


- Shan Sawaya


Our staff lovingly provides your pet with a multitude of activities and services. Whether it be trying on a new bikini from our boutique, to receiving a massage and blueberry vanilla facial, we take pride in providing you and your pet with the best service in town! (Remember belly rubs and kisses are always administered at no extra charge!!)

**All baths/grooms receive nail clip and filing, anal glands expressed and ear cleaning.**

After 10 baths, the 11th is always FREE!!
0 - 25lbs $23.00
26 - 50lbs $25.00
51 - 80lbs $28.00
81lbs and up $31.00
$35.00 (includes Epipet bath and conditioner)
$47.00 (starting rate)
$67.00 (starting rate)
$3 - $10 fee for use of medicated shampoos, conditioners, facial scrubs and soak time.

$5.00 fee per every 15 minutes of extra deshedding, dematting, or brushing.

All baths/grooms receive ear cleaning, anal gland expression and nail clip.

Please ask about our SPA TREATMENT packages available for your pet!

Tips for bathers and groomers are greatly appreciated!
0 - 35lbs $24.00 / night
36 - 75lbs $26.00 / night
75lbs and up $28.00 / night
$21.00 / night & $19 per addt'l cat
$40.00 / night
$25.00 / night per additional pet
**All boarders receive a 1/2 price bath after a two night stay!!**
$15.00 / day
$12.00 / day for 3 or more days in a week
$7.50 / day for boarders
NOW Offering full body color, highlights, glitter stenciling and feathers for your pet! Prices will vary, please call or come by for a quote!

Oral Care
- includes teeth brushing, application of Oral Care Gel and Oral Care Spray - $12.00
Nail clip/dremel - $10.00
Nail Painting - $5.00
Home Again Microchip - $25.00